Action Plan

Action Research Focus Statement:

The problem is many Taiwanese students learn the English language at an early age but there is lack of conversational lessons for the students to practice what they are learning. My proposed solution is to train English teachers to integrate technology that would help the Taiwanese students improve English conversation.

Inquiry Questions:

1. Will developing teacher’s professional development skills improve computer technology usage in the classroom?

2. Will providing teachers computer based technology lessons enhance their ability to enforce English conversation in their classroom?

Forecast Video:

Target Audience:

The target audience is 15 English teachers. Three of them teach fifth and sixth grade, two teachers in K-4, the remaining five teachers teach English from grades K-6. The audience includes five male teachers, two Taiwanese male, ages 25, 32, and three Native English speakers,33, 37, and 44. There are ten female teachers. Five Taiwanese teachers ages 25, 28,29, 30, 33. There are five female Native English speaking teachers ages 25, 28, 43, 50 and 54. The town is 100% Taiwanese and has many English teachers in most of the schools.

Implementation Process:

My goal for this project is to allow teachers to be more comfortable using computer technology to improve classroom lessons. This goal supports my proposed solution by acknowledging the positive impact of the usage of technology, teachers will be introduced to a new skill that will help students stay motivated in the lesson they are learning.

Cycle 1 time for the project will take approximately two months. It will begin in November 5, 2012 and end December 14, 2012. Cycle 2 will begin December 24, 2012 and end January 31.

Target audience will first watch presentation from Prezi and view a Google Drawing for an initial set up of the work. They will then use their personal computers with the software Microsoft Power Point to produce Power Point Books or PPB’s and will be introduced to Audacity and Garage Band. These tools will be used to create and edit audio. Teachers will use interactive boards to share the final work of their PPB’s.

I expect some of the target audience to improve their professional development by feeling more comfortable using other materials that can teach the curriculum they are teaching. Some of the participants are set in their ways and may have a hard time adjusting to trying something new. Some of them may be interested in trying to see if they can learn a different way to make their lesson more fun and meaningful to their students.

To implement the AR Project I will use several media assets to present to my target audience.

The first cycle, I will use a Google Drawing and Prezi presentation to inform the target audience about the creating and usage of a Power Point Book. The Google Drawing will demonstrate the steps we will take as a whole to creating the PPB’s and a way to improve English conversation. The drawing will give the target audience a visual on the stages that will take place during this project. The Prezi presentation will inform the target audience on why a PPB will work for their students. I think by showing the Prezi presentation will also enlighten the teachers on another tool that can create presentations for later lessons.

The second cycle will use a Google Document as a formative feedback for the target audience. This document will allow both the target audience and I to collaborate and discuss their progress on using the PPB with their students. Two screen shots will also be introduced as a reminder on how to create and add audio for additional collection on PPB’s. Two meetings will take place during the second cycle. The first meeting will discuss how teachers will implement their PPB’s to their students. Teachers will use the interactive board to show their PPB’s and the content of the book they decided to use for their classroom. The second meeting will wrap up the implementation process and an open discussion on how the teacher’s students are improving with the English language.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools:

The pre and post assessment tools were created for both the target audience and I. For the pre assessment, I will conduct brief five minute interview  with my target audience. In this interview I will ask teachers questions on their current teaching method and what they do to adjust their lessons, if any. After the interview a pre survey will be given to each member in my audience. This survey will highlight the target audience knowledge on Power Point and give me, the instructor, a better idea on how the implementation process will be conducted. The interview, survey, and Google Document assessments connect with the inquiry questions by acknowledging a teaching strategy and an improvement of student learning.

The information collected from the Pre Survey I will help provide me the information on how much my target audience knows about working through Power Point. The data from the pre survey will give me a measurement on how many of my target audience are familiar with creating presentations and adding visuals and audio to the Power Point. Another Pre Survey II will be given to gain knowledge on audio books and how my target audience finds use for them in their classroom with their English language learners.

The Post Survey will inform the instructor how the implementation process went. Was it successful, did the learners learn? The answers to these questions will be viewed from the data of the survey and further action can take place. Along with the post survey, teachers will provide feedback on their final thoughts of the PPB’s.

A Google Form will be used as a summative feedback. This form will help me and the target audience get an understanding on how effective creating PPB’s will be. The form will be a pre and post survey that will help me understand what my target audience gain during and after the project is complete.